Artist statement

PLASTER RABBIT .COM 36” X 36′, 2019 , photographie numérique marouflée, peinture acrylique, pigments, crayon gold, aquarelle et 1/2 lièvre (roadkill) naturalisé par William Berge sur bois

The main theme of my creation is the questioning of inner (invisible) or outer (visible) territory. The territory is sometimes undermined, abused, polluted and often aestheticized to hide a reality.

Human and natural territory are evoked by two entities that coexist in the same universe, both with distinct and sometimes antagonistic characteristics. Nature, raw language, is represented by flora, fauna or the environment in general; It follows its cycle by its survival instinct. Human, the aesthetic language, is guided by the survival instinct, but is also confronted with its own evolution as well as from the economic, social and spiritual point of view. These choices are often questionable and become a source of inspiration!

It’s with these two raw and aesthetic, material and color, nature and culture languages that I want to understand, confront, and embellish. I consider myself a societal mirror that shows a tendency to hide reality by aestheticizing.    

As a performative activist, my eco-feminist performances weave a paradox of our short existence, often guided by the desire for fairness towards nature and women. My installations are composed of raw elements and recovered objects, and my photographs, the starting point of my paintings, bear witness to a moment of truth: devastated nature and abandoned waste. I contribute in painting on these images to symbolically decontaminate as well as rely on the plastic language to put a band-aid on a scarred world, and start a healing process with art. My paintings become abstractions, amazed by movement and the oversaturation of colors. My goal is to turn the negative into positive by contemporary art!